Picturepark Benefits for Users

Picturepark offers a browser-based user interface that’s easy to understand and use. The functions users need are right at their fingertips, and no task takes more than a few steps to complete.

Support for All Platforms

Mac, PC, Linux and mobile users can upload files, and access any file they need from anywhere, because Internet access isn’t an afterthought with Picturepark—it’s a standard feature with all systems.

Microsoft Word Previews in Picturepark

Picturepark can display high-resolution previews of each page in a Microsoft Word document, making browsing for the right file easier.

Custom Branded Portals

Picturepark can also be configured into function-specific user interfaces that fully support your branding and needs, and can be embedded right into websites, intranets and other Web properties.

Sharing Files the Easy Way

Sharing files with anyone is easy. Links are sent via email, and recipients can pick up their files at a landing page that perfectly supports your corporate identity. You control the files that are shared, and you decide when file sharing links should expire. You can even share watermarked or other processes files available instead of originals.

Preview Images, Video, Audio and Office Documents Too

Previews are high-quality, thanks to the Picturepark rendering service, and users can even see the individual pages of Microsoft Word, PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint and other multi-page file formats. New PowerPoint presentations can even be created based on the slides of other presentations.

PowerPoint support in Picturepark

PowerPoint support in Picturepark enables you to preview individual slides and even create new presentations.

Approval Workflows and Subscriptions

Approval workflows are easy to launch and track. Anyone can participate in a review—even people who don’t have Picturepark accounts. Comments can be added, and arrows can be drawn to make directives clear. Participating users can even “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” comments left by others. Those with the authority to approve comments can also reject them.

Notifications of new comments are emailed so that everyone involved in the approval will know when things have changed. Each email includes a convenient link that leads right into the approval window.

The Picturepark Review Manager makes approval workflows easy.

The Picturepark Review Manager makes approval workflows easy, even for those without Picturepark accounts.

You can also subscribe to individual categories to receive email notifications about additions, changes and deletions. To make sure your entire work group stays informed, you can subscribe the entire group in a single step. Notifications are summarized and sent  in digest form hourly, once a day or once a week.

Picturepark subscriptions offer notifications of changes

Subscribe to receive email notifications of changes. Create as many subscriptions as you need, and edit or delete them at any time.

Works with Popular Programs

Picturepark also works great with the applications you already use, like the Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop. Illustrator), Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Dropbox, WoodWing, Typo3 CMS and others. Grab a Picturepark file you need, right from within InDesign; click a check box to send a file out to your Dropbox network; and even share an entire Picturepark collection with your SharePoint users—without having to create a single new account.

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