Picturepark Benefits for Systems Administrators

Picturepark is standards-based, enterprise-friendly digital asset management software that offers systems administrators options, flexibility and time-saving management features.

Under the hood

Picturepark is based on .NET technology and it uses Microsoft SQL Server for its database. This ensures you can leverage resources already in use, backed up and certified to run at your organization.

LDAP/ADS is fully supported, reducing your administration responsibilities by enabling you to leverage your organization’s centralized employee database. Users can be authenticated via LDAP or Active Directory, and roles in those systems can be mapped to roles in Picturepark for near effortless user administration.

Deploy on your terms

Run Picturepark from the Cloud or onsite (on-premise), and even take advantage of hybrid configurations that leverage the benefits of LAN-based speed for works-in-production and Cloud-based distribution for finished materials.

If for any reason you decide you’d like to switch to another deployment mode, that’s no problem. Picturepark Cloud and onsite systems are identical, so users won’t ever be confused by a new environment.

Picturepark statistics make it easy to see which digital assets are being used.

Informative Picturepark statistics make it easy to see which digital assets are being used so you can better plan you disc usage and offline and near-line strategies.

Management Simplicity

Onsite Picturepark is easy for you to manage because it’s based on technologies you already know. User documentation is available to help acquaint you with the system, and remote and onsite training services are available if you need a little extra guidance.

System updates are easy, too, because once you’ve updated your server, you’re done. There’s no desktop software to install for users, because Picturepark is browser-based and works well with all popular Web browsers. When deployed in the Cloud, of course, there’s no upgrade maintenance for you ever.

Enterprise-ready Technologies

Clustering enables you to offload rendering or other CPU-intensive services to multiple machines. Load-balancing ensures all machines are working at pique efficiency, and automatic fail-over helps ensure productions are never jeopardized by system or hardware failures.

You can also run every component of Picturepark from a single server and add new hardware when the need arises.

API/SDK for Seamless Integrations

A published API enables you to create add-ons and integrations that link Picturepark with other systems, such as your ECM, CMS, PIM or other enterprise systems. A free SDK makes it easy for you to leverage all that power and save yourself development time.

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles are supported (SOAP/WSDL), so integrations with other systems can be built—and sold—with minimal effort.

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